April 2020 Notes

Notes:  In place of the meeting of Wrangle Parish Council that was to be held on 07 April 2020 but was cancelled due to corona virus and Government advice.

These notes have been circulated by email to all the Wrangle Parish Councillors who have emailed their approval for the actions below to be put in place.

1.           Apologies for absence and reasons given

There were no apologies due to decisions being made by email

2.           To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011

There were no declarations of interest.

3.           Notes of meeting held on 03 March to be approved and signed as the minutes

The signing of the March minutes will be deferred until the next Parish Council meeting is held.

4.           Financial Report:

a.     To approve the following payments, by email:

                                          i.          E L Arnold - Clerks expenses                                                         TBA

                                         ii.          Salaries - March                                                                            389.32

                                       iii.           E L Arnold (April magazine)                                                            10.00

                                       iv.           K & P Services (Handyman)                                                         120.00

                                        v.           E L Arnold (white paper for magazine)                                           27.50

                                       vi.           Savills UK (allotment rent)                                                          1375.00

                                      vii.           G Howsam & Son Ltd (fertilizer)                                                     21.00

                                     viii.           Bolingbroke Deanery (May magazine)                                           90.00

                                       ix.          The Local Pest Control Man (mole control)                                  375.00

                                        x.          Boston Borough Council (rates for recreation field)                       FOC

                                       xi.          Evelyn Sands (PAYE)                                                                     45.00

                                      xii.          Came & Company (insurance)                                                        TBA

b.       Sign ten blank cheques, to be countersigned by the Clerk at time of use, to enable payments to be made where necessary before the next meeting – Resolved by email

5.           Any Other business – matters for next agenda

All matters should be reported to the Clerk ready for the next meeting, whenever that will be held.

6.           Date of next meeting to be discussed:

a.    Should a Parish Council meeting be held on 05 May 2020

                                   i.    There is a very strong likelihood that the May meeting will not be allowed to go ahead.

                                  ii.    Government guidelines will be considered when the date for the next meeting is confirmed.

Date of next meeting to be discussed - continued

b.    Should the Annual Parish Council meeting be held back until a future date:

                                  i.    to a time when all Councillors will be present to vote for a Chairman – The Annual Parish Council Meeting will be held following Government advice.

                                ii.    the current Chairman to continue until that meeting is held – the Chairman will continue until the Annual Parish Council Meeting can be held.

7.           To delegate powers to the Clerk should no meeting be held in May:

a.    To make payments of invoices, on behalf of the Parish Council, following report by email to Councillors – Resolved by email

b.    To make decisions, as the Proper Officer of the Parish Council, to ensure the smooth running of the Council during this Pandemic.  The Chairman will be informed of any decisions made and, where necessary, the Council members will be informed – Resolved by email