July 2022

Notes from 15 minute public forum on 05 July 2022


There were no members of the public present


Minutes of the meeting of Wrangle Parish Council held on Tuesday 05 July 2022 at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall


1. Apologies for absence


Apologies:  Apologies were received from Cllr Bowles


Present:  Cllrs Pickett, Seymour, Wrisdale, Edwards, Featherstone, Law and Danby (Chairman)


2. To receive reports from representatives on outside bodies


a. Borough Cllr Picket report:

i. The Borough Council have obtained some large grants to help with projects to improve Boston.

ii. Improvement works at the Geoff Moulder will be carried out.


b. The County Councillor was not present.


3.    To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 


There were no declarations of interest.


4. Notes of the meeting held on 07 June 2022 to be signed as the minutes


The notes, previously circulated, were approved and signed as the minutes.


5. Clerk’s report


a. The Clerk reminded Councillors of the importance of having a Parish Council specific email address.

b. The audit paperwork was sent to the external auditor on 29 June 2022.

c. Notification has been received regarding the increase in the cost of electricity at the recreation field.

d. The defibrillator is now in the cabinet at the Youth Centre and the cabinet at the school will be installed with the defibrillator.


6.    To receive report from the Chairman  


The Chairman reported that the Wrangle Show Committee should be commended for putting together such a good event for 2022 after two years of not having a Show.


7.      Finance report


a. Payment to be authorised: 


Clerk’s expenses     49.56

Salaries (June)   494.73

K & P Services (Handyman)   120.00

E L Arnold (white magazine paper)     28.00

Bolingbroke Deanery (August/September magazine)     TBA

Malc Firth Landscapes (grass cutting)   352.80

E-on (toilet block – cheque signed in June)     13.36

E-on (pavilion – cheque signed in June)     59.74

Evelyn M Sands (PAYE)     52.00

Paul Greenhough (coloured paper for magazine)     28.76

TJW Services (footpath cuts)   480.00

E-on (toilet block – cheque for July payment)     TBA

Post dated for August:

Salaries (July)   494.73

K & P Services (Handyman)   120.00

E-on (toilet block – August payment)     TBA


b.    All Councillors have a copy of the budget control information for the expenditure in the first quarter of the financial year, there were no comments.


c.   Balances at bank at 15 June 2022: Current account    £9,089.98  rec  £5,959.57

Deposit account        £27,124.50

        Map account                £636.80

Jubilee Account £3,010.25  rec  £50.25


d. The use of internet banking was discussed, it was resolved to register for internet banking for the purpose of up to date statements for the meetings in the first instance.


8.00pm  Cllr Ashton arrived


8. To review:


a. Equal Opportunities Policy

i. All Councillors have a copy of this policy.

ii. Following discussion it was proposed by Cllr Ashton and seconded by Cllr Pickett that no changes are made at this time, all agreed.


b. Grants and Donations Policy

i. All Councillors have a copy of this policy.

ii. Following discussion it was proposed by Cllr Law that ‘how to apply’ should be added and that should be by contacting the Clerk in the first instance, this was seconded by Cllr Edwards, all agreed.


c. Complaints Procedure

i. All Councillors have a copy of this policy.

ii. Following discussion it was resolved that no changes were required to this policy.


9.     Recreation field 


a. To discuss the bridge across the dyke behind Mel Marshall Way

The bridge has been partly removed, it will now be completely removed.


b. Any other matter

i. The keys to the pavilion have not yet been returned by the Wrangle FC manager, this will be requested again.

ii. Wrangle FC have not paid the pitch fees for 2021/22 season, the reason being that the moles have caused the home matches to be played away.  As this was not brought to the attention of the Parish Council until the invoice was sent the fees should be paid.  Advice will be taken from the Football League if necessary.

iii. The hedge behind the fence at the play area will be ‘laid’ later in the year.

iv. The rotten wood covering windows and doors at the pavilion need to be replaced, the handyman will be asked to do this work.

v. The new football team will need to mark out the pitch.

vi. There is a hole in the ceiling in the shower area of the pavilion, this will be investigated.

vii. Tarmac will be purchased to fill the holes in at the entrance to the car park.


10.    To report any highway matters


a. Streetlights

There is a streetlight out in Tooley Lane


b. Any other matter

i. The proposed 30mph speed limit reduction for Broadgate was supported.  A request to have the speed limit signs offset will be put to LCC, this will allow all farm traffic to pass without damaging the signs.

ii. LCC will be asked to clean the gullies along the main road before the winter months, they need doing now as they are not clear.

iii. The Parish Hall Committee will look at the notice board and arrange the repairs.  This is half owned by the Parish Council.


11.    Planning applications received


The Parish Council supported the following planning applications:


B/22/0250 Mr M Blythe Single storey rear extension at Knebworth House, Church End


B/22/0266 Mr K Smithson Proposed installation of a 685mm x 1660mm double glazed 

window at Clover Cottage, Broadgate


12.    Planning decisions received from Boston Borough Council


Full planning permission has been received for:


B/22/0099 - Mr Bucknall - Approval of reserved matters (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) following approval B/21/0262 (outline application with all matters reserved for the erection of one 2 storey dwelling) at land adjacent to Knebworth, Church End


13.     To receive update regarding the siting of the village sign and the Jubilee bench


The Chairman reported that the builder was having problems getting the special bricks for the base of the sign, an offer has been made to collect them.


14.     Correspondence received not covered on the agenda


A brochure was made available to Councillors.


15.    Any other business – matters for next agenda


a. To review the Publication Scheme


16.   Date and time of next meeting


The next Parish Council meeting will be held in the Parish Hall on 06 September 2022 at 7.30pm with a Public Forum from 7.15pm









There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.40pm