December 2021

Notes from 15 minute public forum on 07 December 2021


There were no members of the public present.



There was no meeting in November due to Covid



Minutes of the meeting of Wrangle Parish Council held on Tuesday 07 December 2021 at 7.35pm in the Parish Hall


1. Apologies for absence


Apologies:  Apologies were accepted from Cllrs Pickett, Seymour and Ashton


Present:  Cllrs Bowles, Wrisdale, Edwards, Featherstone, Law and Danby (Chairman)


2. To receive reports from representatives on outside bodies


a. There was no report from the PCSO who has advised the Parish Council that reports will no longer be sent out.


b. The Borough Councillors were not present. 


c. The County Councillor was not present


3.    To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 


There were no declarations of interest.


4.      Notes of the meeting held on 04 October 2021 to be signed as the minutes


The notes, previously circulated, were approved and signed as the minutes. 


5. Clerk’s report


a. An issue with overgrown grass and nettles at the footbridge on footpath PF10 has been reported by a resident – this will be cleared by Cllrs Wrisdale and Edwards.

b. Are any trees going to be planted on the land at Washdyke Lane?  This will be looked into for the next meeting.

c. There were no comment to report following receipt of the draft Gambling Act.


6.    To receive report from the Chairman  


a. The grass in the orchard has been cut.  

b. Some of the fruit has been picked, but the yield is not as good as it should be.  


7.       To consider the cleaning of the war memorial


a. The members of the Royal British Legion have asked if the War Memorial can be cleaned as there is a lot of moss on it.

b. The Chairman has found a product that can be sprayed onto the moss on the stone and the rain will then wash it off with the moss.  The cost of this will be £30.00

c. It was resolved that the product be purchased, but must be tested on moss on a stone before using on the war memorial.


8. Finance report


a. Payment to be authorised: 


Clerk’s expenses     57.12

Salaries (October & November)   953.86

K & P Services (Handyman – October & November)   260.00

E L Arnold (white magazine paper - Asda)     17.85

E-on (toilet block – paid in October)     91.24

E-on (pavilion – paid in October)     73.37

Malc Firth Landscapes (September grass cuts)   336.00

Malc Firth Landscapes (October grass cutting)   318.00

TJW Services (footpath cuts)   462.00

E L Arnold (December + November magazine)   100.00

Anglian Water (recreation field supply)     15.03

E L Arnold (White paper for magazine – Wilko)     24.00

Wrangle Parish Hall (room hire)     36.00

Paul Greenhough (coloured paper for magazine)     25.16

E-on (pavilion)     77.39

(£40.00 has been added to the bill for late payment, a

letter will be sent to E-on regarding this matter)


b.   Post-dated cheques for January:

Salaries (December)   476.93

K & P Services (Handyman)   120.00

c.   Balances at bank at 15 November 2021

Current account        £9301.04     Reconciled:               £9301.04

Deposit account      £27,121.10

Map account              £636.71


9.      Draft budget for the year ended 31 March 2023


a. All Councillors have a copy of the draft budget and the budget control which includes anticipated spending to 31 March 2022.

b. Following discussion it was resolved to remove the figure for a beacon and to reduce the tree work figure.

c. Following further discussion it was proposed by Cllr Bowles and seconded by Cllr Edwards that the precept be set at £25,000.00, all agreed.

d. The Clerk will advise all Councillors of the base rate for Band D properties when the information has been received from the Borough Council.


10.    To consider purchase of defibrillators to be sited at Wrangle Chapel and at Wrangle Youth Club


a. The Youth Centre have given permission to site a defibrillator on the building at Wrangle Common.

b. There has been no news from the Chapel yet.

c. It was resolved to order a defibrillator for the Youth Club due to there being no discounts if two are ordered together.

d. The Chairman will check with the Chapel how they are getting on with asking the Borough Council about putting a defibrillator on the school room external wall.


11. To consider applications for vacant farm allotments


a. There are four applicants for the allotments.  The applications were outline by the Clerk.

b. Following discussion it was resolved to let 4 acres to an existing tenant.

c. The remaining 7½  acres will be let to a second existing tenant.

d. The rents are due to be paid in December 2022.

e. A letter will be sent to the tenants, this can be used as an appendix to their existing agreement.


12.    Recreation field 


a. To discuss the work carried out in the dyke behind Mel Marshall Way

i. Cllrs Law, Wrisdale and Bowles reported on the work carried out on the dyke.  A resident came out to give a hand too.  It has been cleared and the water can now be seen running.

ii. The dyke now needs to be maintained regularly to prevent it getting into a poor state again.

iii. The bridge has not been removed and the owner of the property has suggested that it will not be removed.  This will be discussed at the next meeting if it is still in situ.

iv. One branch needs to be removed from the big tree, and the ivy needs to be cut around the tree.

v. The elder behind the toilet block needs to be removed in due course.


b. To discuss the entrance to the car park

i. If the entrance is to be tarmacked then a company with a Highways Licence needs to do the work.

ii. It was resolved to price 1 ton of 20mm road scrapings that can be spread over the car park. 


c. Any other matter

There is an issue with moles around the gym equipment, this will be dealt with if the traps are left in place.  Traps are being set but stolen before they can be checked.


13.    To report any highway matters


a. Lights out at Broadgate, Lockhamgate, Common Road, Tooley Lane and Main Road.  These will be reported to the relevant authority.

b. Tree routes are breaking up the road in Hall Lane

c. The road at Gateroom Lane by the A52 is breaking up.

d. The sides of the road are breaking up at the Sea Lane/Mill Lane junction.


14. Planning applications received


The following planning application was looked at and SUPPORTED by the Parish Council:


B/21/0456 - Malyon - Proposed residential dwelling including change of use of paddocks to domestic at land adjacent to The Cherries, Church End


B/21/0454 - STT Group - Proposed change of use from agricultural land to domestic land including recreational pond at Dorolidge, Lockhamgate


15.    Planning decisions received from Boston Borough Council


There were no planning decisions for this meeting.


16.     Platinum Jubilee celebrations 2022


a. To consider quote for a beacon

The decision was made whilst considering the budget that no beacon would be purchased.


b. To report availability of medals for children

Details of medals, mugs and bookmarks have been received and emailed to Councillors.  It was resolved to put this item on the next agenda.


17.     Correspondence received - not covered on the agenda


There was no other correspondence.


18.    Any other business – matters for next agenda


The budget will be discussed at the next meeting.


19.   Date and time of next meeting


The next meeting will be held on 01 February 2022 at 7.30pm, in the Parish Hall, with a public forum from 7.15pm



There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.20pm