Annual Parish Meeting 2022

Wrangle Parish - Annual Meeting


Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 03 May 2022 in Wrangle Parish Hall at 7.00pm


1.    Apologies


Apologies were accepted from Cllrs Ashton and Pickett


Present:  Cllrs Bowles, Edwards, Pickett, Seymour, Wrisdale, Law, Featherstone and Danby.


There were no other members of the public present.


The meeting was chaired by Cllr Danby, Chairman of the Parish Council


2.     Minutes of the annual Parish Meeting held on 07 April 2021


The minutes were previously circulated and approved as a true record


3.    Chairman’s annual report


The Chairman gave his annual report to April 2022, a copy of which is attached.


4.    Wrangle Consolidated Charities - accounts


The Consolidated Charites accounts have been received and were outlined by the Clerk.  Cllr Bowles reported that there were investments in Coif where the dividends in income are made.  Income is also received via allotment rents.  Gifts and support for students and widows and widowers were also reported.


5.    Alenson & Erskine Foundation - accounts


The accounts for the Alenson & Erskine Charity were outlined out by the Clerk.  Income is received from weekly maintenance allowance received for the almshouses and from allotment rents.  All the funds for the educational side of the charity is given to students in the form of grants.


6.    Correspondence


There was no correspondence received for this meeting.


7.    Any other business, open to members of the public


  1. A question was asked regarding the situation with the Methodist Chapel.  It was reported that a meeting is to be held to discuss the future of the Chapel.  It was resolved to ask if this would be an open meeting for members of the public to attend.
  2. More people are using the marsh around the Wash for walking, the areas in Wrangle need to be kept in good order for use by everyone.



There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 7.30pm