October 2021

Notes from 15 minute public forum on 05 October 2021

There were no members of the public present.

Minutes of the meeting of Wrangle Parish Council held on Tuesday 05 October 2021 at 7.35pm in the Parish Hall

1.Apologies for absence

Apologies:  Apologies were accepted from Cllrs Seymour and Ashton

Present:  Cllrs Bowles, Wrisdale, Edwards, Featherstone, Law, Pickett and Danby (Chairman)

Also Present:  County Cllr Skinner

  1. To receive reports from representatives on outside bodies


  1. There was no report from the PCSO


  1. Borough Councillor Pickett reported that the alliance between Boston Borough Council and ELDC now includes Sough Holland and is referred to as the South and East Lincolnshire Partnership.  Each of the Councils will keep its own identity, but the top officers will be working for around 335,000 residents.


  1. The County Councillor reported:
  1. There will be a new Highways Officer to cover the Boston area.
  2. A panel from Heritage England visited Boston and were very impressed with the town and its history.
  3. Issues regarding paying for parking with a smart phone were pointed out Cllr Skinner.


3.       To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011


There were no declarations of interest.


4.       Notes of the meeting held on 07 September 2021 to be signed as the minutes


The notes, previously circulated, were approved and signed as the minutes.


5.       Clerk’s report


  1. An issue with HMRC, reported in July, has been resolved.  There were two accounts in the name of the Parish Council.
  2. The Audit for the year ended 31 March 2021 has been returned and the External Auditor had nothing to report.  The Notice of Conclusion of Audit will be put on the website and in the notice boards.


6.       To receive report from the Chairman 


  1. The grass in the orchard has been cut.  Some of the fruit has been picked, but the yield is not as good as it should be. 
  2. The trees are okay as there is plenty of new growth on them.


7.       Finance report


  1. Payment to be authorised:


Clerk’s expenses73.66

Salaries (September)476.93


K & P Services (Handyman)120.00

E L Arnold (white magazine paper) 19.95

Bolingbroke Deanery (November)90.00

E-on (toilet block – meter reading sent)TBA

E-on (pavilion – meter reading sent)73.37

Evelyn Sands (PAYE)45.00

Malc Firth Landscapes (April & August grass cutting)660.00

(Credit note received)

Royal British Legion Poppy appeal (Wreath)100.00

PKF Littlejohn LLP (External Audit)240.00

S137 donations:Wrangle Youth Centre350.00

Wrangle Bowls Club300.00

Wrangle PCC500.00

Wrangle Chapel350.00


  1.   The precept of £11,000 has been received.
  2.   Balances at bank at15 September 2021          Current account        £4870.79    Reconciled:               £3125.79              Deposit account       £27,121.10 

                                                                                    Map account                £636.71


8.      To consider purchase of defibrillators to be sited at Wrangle Chapel and at Wrangle Youth Club


  1. The Youth Centre have given permission to site a defibrillator on the building at Wrangle Common.
  2. Wrangle Chapel have a meeting this week when they will discuss siting a defibrillator on the building.
  3. Each cabinet and defibrillator will cost in the region of £1600 with approximately £350 for the installation.
  4. Following discussion it was resolved to purchase two defibrillators if permission is received from the Chapel.
  5. Training will be available for 12 people for each defibrillator once they are in place.


9.       To discuss advertising the vacant allotments


  1. There is 11½ acres of land available to let.  This can be let as one lot or split depending on the applications that are received.
  2. The current rent is £95.00 per acre with a charge to cover the drainage rates, currently £8.92 per acre
  3. An advert will be in the November parish magazine.



10.    To discuss the public footpath cutting contract


  1. All Councillors have a list of the footpaths that should be cut.
  2. The Clerk will send out a LCC plan with the footpaths marked on.
  3. Witham Fourth IDB have completed the work at the parking area at Sea Lane.


11.    To consider request for a litter bin to be sited at the bus stop opposite Tooley Lane


  1. A previous request to site a bin by the bus stop at the Chapel has not yet been resoled with the Borough Council.
  2. Following discussion it was resolved to ask the Borough Council if it would be possible to site litter bins at each of the bus stops on Main Road.


12.    To consider cleaning and re-painting the seat by the bus stop at Church End and any work needed on the wooden bus shelter


  1. The handyman will be asked to thoroughly clean and re-paint the seat by the bus stop.
  2. The bus shelter is in need of quite a bit of work, a local joiner will be asked t quote for the work that needs to be carried out.
  3. The trees at the village hall need to be checked, the Chairman will have a look at them.


13.    Recreation field


  1. To discuss any work required in the dyke behind the properties on Mel Marshall Way

Following discussion it was resolved that the Parish Council would clear the dyke.  A letter will be sent to all residents to inform them that the work will take place on the morning of 24 October and that they should maintain their half after that.


  1. To consider work to large tree by Anglian Water area

The tree will be cleared around the base and the ivy cut.  It is a sturdy tree and will not be removed at this time.


  1. Any other matter

A quote will be sought to tarmac the entrance to the car park and the Borough Council will be asked to contribute to the cost due to the use of the area when the recycling bins are emptied.


14.    To report any highway matters


There were no additional repairs to report to LCC


15.     Planning applications received


The following planning application was looked at and SUPPORTED by the Parish Council:


B/21/0432       J Sangster                    Proposed two storey side extension and single storey rear extension at Kintoki, 2 Sea Lane, Old Leake


16.    Planning decisions received from Boston Borough Council


There were no planning decisions for this meeting.


17.     Platinum Jubilee celebrations 2022


  1. The bank will sort out the name on the second bank account which is to be used for the Jubilee Committee
  2. No meetings have been arranged at this time.
  3. Commemorative medals are still unavailable at this time.


18.     Correspondence received not covered on the agenda


There was no other correspondence.


19.    Any other business – matters for next agenda


The budget will be discussed at the next meeting.


20.   Date and time of next meeting


The next meeting will be held on 02 November 2021 at 7.30pm, in the Parish Hall, with a public forum from 7.15pm











There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.55pm