May 2023 - Annual Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on16 May 2023 in Wrangle Parish Hall AT 7.25pm 


All Councillors present signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office prior to the start of this meeting.


Retired Chairman, Mr Danby, was in the chair for the first item on the agenda.


Present:  Cllr Ashton, Dickason, Hill, Edwards, Bowles, Wrisdale, Seymour, Featherstone and Pickett


Also present:  Borough Cllr Butler and one member of the public


1.   Nominations for chairman


Cllr Bowles proposed Cllr Ashton for Chairman, this was seconded by Cllr Wrisdale.  There being no other nominations  Cllr Ashton accepted the position with the condition that the meeting day would have to be reviewed, and signed the Declaration of Office of Chairman accordingly.  (The clerk stated that she is only available on the first Tuesday of each month to work for Wrangle Parish Council)


Mr Danby left his seat which was taken over by Cllr Ashton


2.   Nominations for vice-chairman


a. It was proposed by Cllr Featherstone that Cllr Bowles continues as the Vice-Chairman, this was seconded by Cllr Pickett.

b. Cllr Hill proposed Cllr Dickason as the Vice-Chairman, there was no seconder for this proposal.

c. There being no other nominations Cllr Bowles accepted the position and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office of Vice-Chairman accordingly.


3.   Apologies


There were no apologies received


4.    Committees


Recreation Field:  Cllrs Ashton, Edwards, Bowles and Wrisdale


5.    Representative on outside bodies


Parish Hall Committee:   Cllr Hill

Alenson & Erskine Foundation:   Cllr Ashton and Mr Danby has agreed to represent the Parish Council.

Consolidated Charities:   Cllrs Bowles and Featherstone 

Recreation Field Management Committee:   Cllrs Ashton and Wrisdale

Wrangle Show:   Cllrs Seymour and Edwards

Youth Club:  Cllr Edwards


Numbers required for each Outside Body will be checked for the June Meeting.


6.   Any other business for review


There was no other business for review, the Standing Orders will be reviewed at the June meeting.



There being no other business the meeting was closed at 7.45pm