November 2023

Notes from 15 minute public forum on 31 October 2023


There were five members of the public present.  Questions were asked about the Chapel building and it’s future.  Thanks were expressed for the help regarding the situation with the proposed 5G mast.  



Minutes of the meeting of Wrangle Parish Council held on Tuesday 31 October 2023 at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall


1. Apologies for absence


Apologies:  Apologies were accepted from Cllrs Hill and Seymour


Present:  Cllrs Edwards, Featherstone, Wrisdale, Bowles, Dickason, Pickett and Ashton (Chairman)  


Also present:  County Cllr Skinner, Borough Cllr Baxter and five members of the public


2. To receive reports from representatives on outside bodies


a. Borough Cllr Baxter reported:

i. The Boston Town Deal will have a final consultation between 24 and 26 November.

ii. The Boston Christmas Market is coming together.

iii. Call Connect can be used in the rural areas.

iv. The Wombles litter pick did a great job, thanks were expressed to those who volunteered.

v. Thanks were expressed to everyone who contributed in any way to help in the recent heavy rains.  No houses were flooded, but the sewerage system needs to be sorted out and improved.

vi. A potential development of 100 properties in the village will not be pursued, Cllr Ashton declared an interest in this report.


b. County Cllr Skinner reported:

i. Patching work has been carried out in the village.

ii. A light on the A52 has been replaced.

iii. A ‘Friends Against Scams’ call blocker is available.


3.    To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 


There were no declarations of interest.


4. Notes of the meeting held on 03 October 2023 to be signed as the minutes


a.    It was proposed by Cllr Dickason and seconded by Cllr Picket that the minutes, previously circulated, be signed as the minutes, all agreed.

b.    The minutes from the September meeting were also signed.


5. Clerk’s report


a. The External Auditor report was read out to Councillors.  The days for Elector’s Rights were published at 29 working days and should have been 30 working days.

b. There were no comments to report regarding the Sub-regional Strategy Consultation.


7.35   One member of the public left the meeting


6.    To receive report from the Chairman  


The Chairman reported on the Drainage Boards and the work carried out during the recent bad weather 36 tonnes of water was being pumped per second.


7.      Finance report


a. Payments proposed by Cllr Bowles and seconded by Cllr Wrisdale, all agreed: 


Salaries (October)   545.83

Clerk’s Expenses (October)     37.04

E L Arnold (white paper for magazine)     39.20

K & P Services (Handyman)   120.00

Bolingbroke Deanery (November magazine)     80.00

Bolingbroke Deanery (December/January magazine)      TBA

Malc Firth Landscapes (grass cutting)   546.26

E L Arnold (re-imbursement for E-on pavilion)   115.83

WAVE, Anglian Water (Recreation field supply)     15.73

E-on (Toilet block)      TBA


It was proposed by Cllr Bowles and seconded by Cllr Wrisdale that the payments be made.


b.   Balances at bank at 15 September 2023:     Current account    £14,779.45 rec:  £12,453.02

         Deposit account   £23,311.33

                 Map account                 £2.92

         Jubilee Account        £685.25


c. The bank mandate has recently been approved by the bank, internet banking will be looked at now the signatories are in place.


8.      To discuss the draft budget for the year ended 31 March 2025


a. All Councillors have a copy of the budget control for 2023/24 together with a draft budget for 2024/25.

b. The Clerk explained the reserves figure and where other figures had come from.

c. The amount of £13,500 has not been included for the works the Borough Council want on the street lights.

d. The reserves in the deposit account need to be increased, it was proposed by Cllr Ashton and seconded by Cllr Wrisdale that £1000 be included for this purpose, all agreed.

e. Works to improve the entrance to the recreation field need to be taken into consideration, this will be an increase of £4000, it was resolved to add this figure.

f. The amendments will be made for approval of the budget at the December meeting.

g. The precept will be around £32,000 using the draft budget with the above amendments.


9.      Recreation field – any matters to report


a. There is a lot of litter in the dyke by the toilet block.

b. The football nets will be put back in place for users of the field.


10.      To receive update regarding Community Speed Watch


a. There are still only five volunteers to join this group, one of whom will be the co-ordinator.

b. Old Leake will be asked about sharing their equipment.  


11.     To report any highway matters


a. Hedges and bushes are overhanging the highway in various places in the village.

b. Councillors will have a word with the residents they know who need to cut back hedging.


12.    Planning applications received


There were no planning applicatons for this meeting.


13.    Planning decisions received from Boston Borough Council


There were no planning decisions for this meeting.


14.    To consider siting bus shelters on A52 in the area of Sea Lane 


a. Prices for bus shelters will be sought.

b. LCC will be contacted regarding the siting of two bus shelters.


15.     To discuss the evening for presentation from Witham Fourth


a. The presentation will take place on Tuesday14 November and the talk will be around one hour.

b. The Main Hall has been booked and refreshments will be served.

c. The start time is 7.00pm.


16.    To receive update regarding the Methodist Chapel building


The request for an asset transfer of the Methodist Chapel has been passed on to the relevant people for consideration.


17.    Correspondence received - not covered on the agenda


There was no additional correspondence.


16.    Any other business – matters for next agenda


a. Emergency Parish Plan


17.    Date and time of next meeting


The next Parish Council meeting will be held in the Parish Hall on 05 December 2023 at 7.30pm with a Public Forum from 7.15pm





There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.35pm