May 2023

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 16 May 2023 at 7.45pm in the Parish Hall, Wrangle


1.    Apologies for absence


There were no apologies received


Present:  Cllrs Featherstone, Pickett, Edwards, Bowles, Seymour, Wrisdale, Dickason, Hill and Ashton (Chairman)


Also present:  Borough Cllr Butler and two members of the public


2.    To receive reports from representatives on outside bodies


  1. Borough Councillor Butler had nothing to report, there have been no meetings since the election on 04 May.


  1. The County Councillor was not present.


3.    To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011


There were no declarations of interest.


4.    Notes of the meeting held on 11 April 2023 to be approved and signed as the minutes


The notes, previously circulated, were approved and signed as minutes.


5.    Clerk’s report


The Clerk had nothing to report.


6.   To receive reports from the Chairman


The new Chairman had nothing to report


7.    Finance report


  1. To approve the following payments:


Salaries (April)498.93

K & P Services (Handyman)120.00

Malc firth Landscapes (grass cutting)190.80

E L Arnold (white paper for magazines)37.35

Bolingbroke Deanery (May magazine)80.00

Bolingbroke Deanery (June magazine)TBA

E-on Next (electricity supply at recreation field)TBA

Arthur J Gallagher (Insurance)1901.99

E L Arnold (Insignia re-imbursement)816.00


  1.  Balances at bank were unavailable due to the accounts being with the Internal Auditor.


8.    Recreation field


  1. Car park entrance

The contractor has not been contacted with regard to the car park entrance.


  1. Any Other matters

The two telegraph poles have been removed from the field.


9.    Highways:


  1. Some pot holes have been repaired, but there are others that need to be done.
  2. The Wrangle nameplate needs to be re-fixed.
  3. There is a street light out in Tooley Lane, Cllr Featherstone will get the column number for the Clerk.


10.   Planning applications received for decision


Cllr Ashton handed over to the Vice-Chairman for the following discussion:


The following plans had observations made by the Parish Council:


B/23/0153 - Mr C Pape (H H Adkins (Construction) Ltd)) - Change of use from haulage and storage depot to housing development of 24 residential dwellings, estate roads and services at G H Kime Haulage Depot, Main Road:  The development should have fewer properties to be in-keeping with area.  The roadway seems to narrow for service vehicles to access.  Can the fencing be replaced with a hedgerow to be in-keeping with the local area and encourage wildlife?


Cllr Ashton chaired the meeting from this point.


The following plans were supported by the Parish Council:


B/23/0156 - Mr & Mrs Pitcher - Proposed single storey rear extension, front porch and infill extension at Sigtoft Farm, Main Road


B/23//0164 - Mr M Pates - Erection of two detached dwellings including one two storey dwelling and one detached bungalow at Fieldfare, Nut Lane


11.   Planning decisions received


Between meeting there were no observations for the following planning application:


B/23/0111 - Mr S Marsh - Erection of a car port at Old Cottage, Main Road


12.   Correspondence received


There was no correspondence for this meeting


13.   Any other business – matters for next agenda


  1.   The weeds around the War Memorial need to be removed and the moss needs to be removed, Cllr Hill will look at this.
  2.   The bench by the bus stop needs to be cleaned and re-painted.
  3.   An allotment inspection needs to be arranged at the next meeting.


14.   Date and time of next meeting


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 06 June 2023 in the Parish Hall at 7.30pm, there will be a Public Forum from 7.15pm.



There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.35pm