October 2022

Notes from 15 minute public forum on 04 October 2022


There were no members of the public present.



Minutes of the meeting of Wrangle Parish Council held on Tuesday 04 October 2022 at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall


1.Apologies for absence


Apologies:  Apologies were received from Cllrs Ashton and Wrisdale


Present:  Cllrs Pickett, Seymour, Edwards, Featherstone, Law, Bowles and Danby (Chairman)


Also present:  County Cllr Skinner


  1. To receive reports from representatives on outside bodies


  1. Borough Cllr Picket had nothing to report


  1. County Councillor Skinner reported:
  1. It is one year since the Partnership of three Councils took place and things seem to be working well.  The Clerk pointed out the late payment of the precept for the Boston Borough compared with that of East Lindsey, this will be looked into.
  2. £3.5m of investment has been bid for Boston, hopefully the outcome will be known in two weeks.
  3. The Leader of LCC has put in writing that LCC approve of devolution, this has not been voted on by the County Councillors.
  4. One.network shows local works in the area, many of which are currently Anglian Water.


3.       To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011


Cllr Law declared an interest in item 8 as she is a member of the Royal British Legion


4.      Notes of the meeting held on 06 September 2022 to be signed as the minutes


The notes, previously circulated, were approved and signed as the minutes.


5.       Clerk’s report


The Clerk had nothing to report, all items are on the agenda.


6.       To receive report from the Chairman 


The grass has been cut in the orchard, there was not much fruit again this year.


7.      To receive external audit report


  1. There are no comments from the External Auditor to report, everything is in order.
  2. The Notice of Conclusion of Audit will be put in the notice boards and on the website.




8.      To approve purchase of Remembrance Day wreath and donation


  1. It was resolved that a wreath would be purchased on behalf of the parishioners.
  2. A donation of £100.00 was approved when the budget was set, it was agreed that this amount should be donated.


9.       Finance report


  1. Payment to be authorised:


Clerk’s expenses14.44

Salaries (August)494.93

K & P Services (Handyman)120.00

K & P Services (work on pavilion)105.00

E L Arnold (white magazine paper) 21.00

            Bolingbroke Deanery (October magazine)80.00

Bolingbroke Deanery (November magazine)TBA

Malc Firth Landscapes (grass cutting)472.50

Savills (UK) (allotment rents)1450.00

HMRC (PAYE)10.40

Wicksteed Leisure Ltd (play area inspections)288.00

PKF Littlejohn LLP (External audit)240.00

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal (donation)100.00

Evelyn Sands (PAYE)52.00

Skinners Builders (siting village sign and seat)2976.00


  1.   Balances at bank at 15 September 2022:   Current account      £2,681.50  rec:  £549.60

Deposit account £27,132.86

                                                                               Map account             £637.00

                                                                               Jubilee Account          £50.25


  1. The second half of the precept, being £12,500.00, should have been paid into the account around 01 October 2022.


10.    Recreation field


  1. The football club have been asked to use the rear of the pavilion for parking
  2. The dyke needs to be cut and cleared.
  3. The remains of the bridge across the dyke have been completely removed.


11.    To report any highway matters


  1. Streetlights

County Cllr Skinner will ask about the cost of the street lighting to the Parishes from the Borough Council and advise the Clerk of the amount.


  1. Any other matter
  1. Some repairs have been carried out at Gateroom Lane/A52, other potholes in the same area have not been filled.
  2. The grate at Gowt Bank/Common Road has not yet been cleared.
  3. Tree roots are growing under Hall Lane and raising the road surface.
  4. Wrangle Bank, from Common Road towards Wicken Lane is breaking up.


12.    Planning applications received


The Parish Council supported the following planning applications:


B/22/0395       Mr Breen                     Proposed single storey extension at The Cottage, Tooley Lane


13.    Planning decisions received from Boston Borough Council


FULL planning permission has been received for:


B/22/0266       Mr Smithson               Proposed installation of 685mm x 1660mm double glazed window at Clover Cottage, Broadgate


14.     To consider quotations for plaque for base of village sign


  1. A lot of favourable comments have been received about the new village sign.
  2. A Boston company have been asked to quote as discussed at the September meeting.
  3. They have emailed a quotation which was read out and discussed.
  4. It was resolved to have silver aluminium with black wording at a cost of £55.08 plus VAT.


15.     Correspondence received not covered on the agenda


There was no correspondence for this meeting.


16.    Any other business – matters for next agenda


  1. The budget for the year ended 31 March 2024
  2. Things to consider for the budget:  Coronation, elections and increase in payment for lighting


17.   Date and time of next meeting


The next Parish Council meeting will be held in the Parish Hall on 01 November 2022 at 7.30pm with a Public Forum from 7.15pm








There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.10pm