06 Aprii 2021

Wrangle Parish Council

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place, remotely, on Tuesday 06 April 2021 at 7.35PM

ID:  221-292-2213                                    Password:  PCmeeting

There will be no public forum.  Any comments to be made to the Parish council for this meeting should be sent to the Clerk prior to the meeting by calling 01205 270352 or email wranlgepc@aol.com


1.         Apologies for absence and reasons given

2.         To receive reports from representatives on outside bodies:

a.   Police   

b.   Borough Councillors                  

c.   County Councillor

3.         To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011

4.         Notes of remote meeting held on 02 March 2021 to be approved as the minutes and to be signed at a future date

5.         Clerk’s Report

6.         To receive report from the Chairman

7.         Financial Report:

a.   To approve the following payments:

                             i.      Salaries (March)                                                                                        462.13

                            ii.      Clerk’s expenses                                                                                         TBA

                           iii.       E L Arnold (white magazine paper)                                                          26.00

                           iv.      E L Arnold (Zoom – six months)                                                               28.78

                            v.       K & P Services (Handyman)                                                                    120.00

                           vi.      Savills (allotment rent)                                                                            1375.00

                         vii.      Wrangle Show Committee (grant towards the village sign)             2000.00

                        viii.       E-on (electricity supply to pavilion)                                                          54.43

                           ix.      Bolingbroke Deanery (May magazine)                                                     90.00

                            x.       Boston Borough Council (recreation field rates)                                     FOC

                           xi.      Boston Borough Council (street lighting)                                            2929.52

     (to be kept from the April precept payment to the Parish Council)

b.    To report balances at the bank

8.         To discuss the insurance schedule for 2021/2022

9.         Recreation Field:

a.   Football Club Grant, storage of goals, dog faeces on the football pitch

b.   Trees by Loche – reported dangerous

c.   Any other matter

10.      Planning applications received for a decision at this meeting (all plans can be viewed at www.myboston.com:

B/21/0093 – Mr D Freemantle, D C Marketing Group – Change of use from a paddock to a secure dog walking and exercise area including the erection of a field shelter for dog owners, galvanised mesh fence, gate and gravelled driveway at Sharbourne, Main Road.

B/21/0140 – Mr M Dickinson - Change of use from agricultural land to equestrian use (Class Sui Generis) including the construction of timber framed stables, tack room, hay store, manege and boundary fencing at Orquidea, Wrangle Bank

11.      Planning Decisions received from Boston Borough Council

12.      Allotments:  Section 12 Notice received for a rent review from 06 April 2022

13.      Marsh Access – report from Witham Fourth IDB

14.      To report any highways issues

15.      Any Other business – matters for next agenda

16.      Date of next remote meeting and Annual Parish Council meeting – 04 May 2021